In the Summer of Art 2019 we brought the decaying church ruins of Bussana Vecchia to life with moving light illustrations. Supported by local musicians, we told the story of the artists‘ village in our projections.

Trailer „ruins of bussana“ | Italien 2019
ruins of bussana
Audiovisual jam session in the church ruins of the artists‘ village Bussana Vecchia (Italy). Live painted projections meets chilly soundscapes.
| Lichtkunst |
KOPFFARBEN Julia Schäfer + Johannes Schmidt
| Live Musik |
Jazz Sperimentale del Cultural Providers Soundsystem
| Premiere |
09.08.2019 the church ruin of Bussana Vechia, Italien
| weitere Aufführung |
10.08.2019 Sanremo, Forte Santa Tecla, Italien
| Dauer |
45 Minuten