Light Painting visual concerts

We combine art and technology, bring images to life, illuminate rooms with moving light, illustrate live stories, combine music with painting, bring paintings onto the stage,
surprise you with visual fireworks that ignite your imagination:

Visual Concerts
visible music and audible pictures

We stage visual concerts
Narrative show acts from digital light painting, animation and music.
Julia Schäfer draws live on a tablet in front of the audience.
At the same time the pictures are projected into the room and animated by Johannes Schmidt.
Combined with music, this creates a magical, audiovisual cosmos.
We kidnap our audience into a temporary world that constantly arises anew, changes, disappears and is revived.

  • Light painting: Julia Schäfer KOPFFARBEN, Berlin
  • Animation: Johannes Schmidt KOPFFARBEN, Berlin
  • Music: different musicians (classic, jazz, electro…)
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Light painting as a show act for your event
Whether as a highlight of the evening or as an „artistic appetizer “ in between: We inspire your audience with an individualized light show.
The audiovisual productions are developed especially for your event.
From the choice of the subjects, the length of the show to the music you can let your wishes flow.
Logos and images can be displayed.  
technical requests

Lighting technology
We bring along the technology for the light painting and arrange it to the spatial conditions adapted (flexible structure).
– easel with monitor, required space (with artist) approx. 2qm
– PC, dimensions: 53x59x36cm
– Display cable, output: HDMI or DVI

additional opportunities
– 3 projectors with tripods for a projection area of max. 4x12m
– 1 projector, 6500 ansilumen, projection area 6×3,75m
If projectors are available, we can use them.
– Canvas, projection gaze 6×3,75m or white stage molton
Bright walls are also well suited for our art.
– 4 RGB-LED Pars, with our software controllable
– 2 RGB-LED Stripes, 5m, with our software controllable
– 1 Hazer, with our software controllable

We need
– Stage and projection area
– Power: 16A, 220V
– it must be possible to darken the room or the performance is after sunset
– ev. sound system
– Construction time approx. 2-4 hours (depending on the situation on site)

Music/ sound technology
For our shows we prefer to work together with musicians to emphasize the live character of light painting.
If this is not possible at your event, we will select a music recording together.
Depending on the musician/ music selection, a sound system and a sound engineer may be required.

Stage/ projection
A bright, closed wall or screen is the ideal projection surface. The larger the area, the more effective the show.
The artists would stand in front of the show or right next to the projection.

If the screen, projectors and sound system have already been set up, we need about 2 hours for setup and sound check.
If we have to install them, we need about 4 hours (depending on the size of the installation/ room, it may take longer).
Since the set-up is relatively time-consuming, we will arrive the day before if possible.
Time reduction: about 1 hour

It is possible to put the monitor easel aside if the stage is also to be used for other performances.


Kopffarben Schäfer + Schmidt GbR
Pankstrasse 12, 13357 Berlin, Germany


Julia Schäfer (art+booking):
+49 (0)176-62 77 82 14

Johannes Schmidt (Technik):
+49 (0)176-62 77 82 13


Showreel Visual Concerts 2018

Visual Concert „LAST EXIT BABYLON“, at the light art festival „berlin leuchtet“ 2017 with FRIEDWOLF (beatbox, loops, guitarre, fx)

Visual Concert „PAN&SYRINX“, Festival Of Lights Berlin 2014 with Brunhild Fischer (flute and loops)


With light you can also paint in the darkness quite fantastically, but at the same time so ephemerally. A Visual Concert by KOPFFARBEN isn‘t only notes, it is painting on top. Art happens not on the canvas, but on a screen. Painting meets computer science. What comes of this doesn‘t go to hang on museum‘s walls, it happens live on stage.
Delicate lines meet exploding colours, inanimates start moving, people turn into ghosts, everyday objects swirls about, spirals dance on planes and colourful rays shoot forth from dark space. Dimensions blur as linear patterns morph into three-dimensionals, floating away like galaxies into the depths.
The art isn‘t merely being projected like a film. Everything is born from the moment during the performance. One can watch the pictures emergence, as well as its metamorphoses and eventualy vanishing, but it is not only one picture that emerges. It is a streak of pictures, without becoming a film. Perhaps it is a multimedia event, a‘light appearance‘, a visual firework that ignites the imagination.

.Dr. Uwe Förster | art museum monastery Magdeburg | 2017

(…) extremely concentrated, committed, artistic tension – it really worked! I haven‘t been allowed to experience such an aesthetic, psychedelic, all senses stimulating presentation for a long time.“

A intoxication of changing colour motifs running into each other (…). One motive emerges from the other. I was enthusiastic about the creativity of the one-hour show. Magical!

Comments from the audience on the production „METAMORPHOSEN“ | Luminale 2014




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